Printed circuit boards that are used in the automobile sector are needed to be designed smartly so as to meet the demands of automotive applications. Many Companies provides comprehensive solutions for PCB designing, manufacturing, inspection, and assembly for various systems that are used in automobiles.

What makes APC the leader in PCB prototyping for automotives?
Numerous automotive OEMs put their faith in the prototyping capabilities of APC for their circuit boards. The reason for this lies in the all-inclusive services that we provide for PCB fabrication. Many times, the automotive OEMs cannot wait for customized designing and fabrication of the circuit boards needed for their systems. This is where our prototypes come into the picture. We offer different types of PCB prototypes that can be readily used in automotive equipment.

Different Automotive Industry Equipment that are Integrated with Our PCBs for Higher Operational Value
Following equipment/ systems are examples are some of the prominent automotive applications that are catered by our circuit boards:
  • Dashboard switches
  • Stereo and audio components
  •  Engine controls
  • Automotive power supplies
  • Digital screens and display systems
  • Anti lock breaking systems
  • Automated locking systems
  • Power relays
  • Headlights and interior LED lighting systems
  • On board radar
  • Navigation system
  •  ECL/ ECU control units
  • Power transformers
  • AC/ DC power converters
  • Temperature sensors
  • Transmission sensors
  • Digital timers
So it's up to you to decide which, as many high quality pcb producers, but most importantly pay attention to how the company serves you as a customer