How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally - Blockage of the pores of the face skin with dirt is the circumstances that lead to inflammation and infection, can experience this problem is acne. Many things to cause the emergence of acne. The causes of the emergence of acne usually occurs due to a combination of hormonal changes and also the cleanliness of the skin that are less secure. Other causes of acne is because it is caused by the hormonal changes which then stimulates the sebaceous glands of the oil producing glands or existing dikulit.

During puberty, the sebaceous glands are more active and can generate excessive oil as well. The oil is usually often dries, Peel, and then assembled into bacteria in the pores of the skin and eventually formed the blackheads. This is what causes blackheads blockage of the flow of oil from the root sheath ramut or follicle into the pores.

The causes of the emergence of acne because a blockage occurred in part, then the black scab will arise, and if a blockage occurs, then the total will develop a white nodule. Bacteria that grow in these pores can cause blockage and then outline some kemak in oil, which in turn can cause skin irritation problems. Acne is a scab, scab, also white and black who experienced the irritation. If the infection of irritation that occurs in membruk, then getting pimples can form abscesses.

The cause of acne is hormonal and other changes which can also become sati factors of occurrence of acne. This usually happens at the time of menstruation, pregnancy, use of birth control pills, or also because of the stress.

The food is just a little influence or even not at all affect the cause of acne. In spite of some people who suffer from Acne contended that some food can be a trigger of the emergence of this acne.

In addressing the problem of acne, we recommend that you do not squeeze pimples, because it could trigger the occurrence of damage to the skin. Damaged skin will usually tend to leave lasting scars or permanent on the face. So never squeeze pimples, ' your skin as early as possible.

Acne is a skin health problems experienced by women and men. Acne can reduce confidence because they are on the face. Acne is not caused by lack of hygiene to face, but there are other factors, such as hormonal changes, menstrual, stress, etc. Other causes such as excess oil production, dead skin cells, bacterium, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals, heredity and environment.

After you have facial acne problems, of course you want to get rid of acne on your face. Various ways to get rid of acne is done, like use face creams or drugs. But, you should know that the cream or drugs may contain ingredients harmful to your body and cause long-term adverse effects. Therefore, how to get rid of acne naturally safer than with drugs.

Here's how to get rid of acne naturally and quickly :

1. Egg Whites
Egg whites not only thightens your face, but also it can get rid of acne naturally. It is very easy, prepare the egg whites then shake until frothy. Apply to the entire surface of the face like you use a mask. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly and do it regularly.

2. Tomatoes
Tomato contains vitamins A and C which are useful to get rid of acne naturally.  Is is very easy, cut tomatoe and place it on the face of acne. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly and do it regularly.

3. Lime
Lime contains citric acid that can remove dead skin cells that can cause acne. you can make a concoction of lemon and rose water. That is simple, mix lemon juice with rose water then
apply to the entire surface of the face. Let stand 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Ways above can be done every day without fear of side effects, because the materials used natural and proven can eliminate acne scars also provided it is done regularly. Besides using the tips above you also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as not eating foods that contain fat, no excessive wear cosmetics and does not stress.

Thus information about How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally hopefully useful, thanks.