6 Foods To Launch A Blood Circulation - A friend, health tips. The body always fit into everyone's expectations in this planet Earth. Various patterns of healthy living is required in the daily routine of every individual in all ages. A healthy lifestyle is actually fairly easy, if someone is diligent exercise and eat a variety of healthy foods, the body will experience improved better health anyway. Talking about healthy food, it turns out there are many different types of foods that can help increase the circulation of blood flow throughout your body. Then, any natural foods that can improve blood circulation is ....???

The blood becomes one of the fluids which have vital functions in the body of every living beings including humans. Blood flows in the body carry oxygen as well as sari-sari food throughout all the organs in the body. In order for a liquid called blood can flow seamlessly throughout all parts of the body, we must keep the process of blood circulation can take place smoothly and well.

People who are often distracted with the flow or circulation of blood need to consume food to launch a blood circulation. Terhambatnya blood flow can cause cramping, tingling in the feet and could even cause terlambatnya wound healing. Indeed many suplement intended to smooth the blood but most consume supplements can give you other negative effects for health.

Thus, the more we go back to nature and consume food that could unleash a good blood circulation. Before you read the food-eating tersrebut diketahu, it is necessary that late or terhambatnya blood circulation is due to lack of nutrition and exercise.
Food for waging a blood circulation

1. The Onion and garlic
You definitely do not like onions or garlic. IYA kan..! but you need to know that onions and garlic are natural substances that are able to sterilize blood, purifies the blood and cleanse plaque in blood vessel walls, and onion can also lower cholesterol.

Even onions and garlic can also maintain and enhance immune terhdap the various bacterial and fungal attacks.

2. Brown
Chocolate is the food tasty and delicious that everyone liked. This food is not only delicious but also very nice to smooth blood, so Brown is also known for good for the heart. The content of flavonoids in chocolate will improve blood circulation sirkulais the body and lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure.

3. Orange
Citrus fruits are vitamin c, vitamin C with many citrus fruit to be making the right to unleash a flow of blood. The content of vitamin C would dilute the blood so the blood become smoother and avoid blood clotting.

Many studies say that many of the foods that contain vitamin C and blood thinning can be a served as an anti oxidant which will get rid of toxins in the blood.

4. Olive oil
The food can initiated blood circulation next is olive oil. Olive oil is not only beauty but also utilized in very many benefits for health. Olive oil not only contains vitamins A, E, D and K, but also good for lowering cholesterol, bone mamdatkan, menyhatkan the heart so that blood circulation throughout the body of waging.

5. Seeds and nuts
Two natural foods is very good for the health of skin and hair, so that someone who consumes a handful of nuts every day will get the skin bright and shiny black hair. These foods are not hanyamengandung niacin, vitamin B3, omega 3 fatty acids, but could also unleash a flow of blood.

So the food – healthy food to unleash a flow of blood. Always keep a healthy lifestyle to a healthier life. Nature has given everything for human health, living human beings how to harness a natural for goodness, beauty or even vice versa use of nature for the destruction of various animals and man himself.