Cause Damage To The Eyes - Healthy eye becomes the primary thing to support a person's appearance. If the eyes have problems, then the activity will be impaired. Many factors could cause someone experiencing eye problems such as lifestyle, work culture, environment or from each individual's habits.

Attention and care will eye health matters to do. The eyes become very easy to those affected, so we must always pay attention to medical care. To avoid that problem, you need to know some things into the cause.

Cause damage to the eyes of one of our because we rubbing eyes with our hands. In this case all can do it. Sometimes it's with one finger, then use the heel of both hands to rub your eyes when you are anxious or stressed, when you wake up in the morning or even while you sleep. Rubbing your eyes can really cause some damage? For most people, rubbing gently every now and then not to worry, said Professor Charles McMonnies, from the school of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of NSW.

Rubbing Your eyes to stimulate tear flow and lubricate dry eyes, removes dust and other irritants. It also reduces stress. It is due to hit down on the ball your eyes stimulates the vagus nerve to slow Your heart rate. Oculocardiac reflex is called help you to relax and smell the roses. But if you rub too hard, eyes too often or for a long period of time, you can get into trouble, said McMonnies, research ophthalmologist with special interest in rubbing the eyes. He said the study showed that rubbing our eyes causing pressure to spike.

 Even a double light rubbing it, he said. Remove eye make-up or wiping tears increases the pressure a little bit more. But the scrunching up your eyes then use Your knuckles to deceive shoots very hard until your eye pressure is more than 20 times. " Robust rubber look like they're trying to encourage the eye to the back of their heads,"said McMonnies from a more extreme example of rubbing the eyes he saw. Serious kerusakanMata back pressure most people normal when they stop rubbing and blip while there is no long term damage is clear. However, for those with certain eye conditions, increased eye pressure caused by rubbing hard, frequent or prolonged can be more serious.

For example, people with progressive myopia-common type of kecupetan caused by eyeball extended-can find their eyesight worsens. In some cases, the retina detaches from the back of their eyes. McMonnies said that may be because of a retina is weak are placed under pressure more pressure blips with streak. People with Glaucoma can also be affected by increased pressure on the eyes because it can interfere with blood flow in the back of the eye and cause nerve damage, harm your sight. rub can also affect the eyes.

The combination of increased eye pressure and mechanical damage caused by rubbing can harm the cornea, dome shaped window that we rely on for a clear view if the world. In rare cases, the cornea of the eye water. More generally, it weakened and pushed forward to be more pointy tip, such as a cone from the rugby ball, a condition known as keratoconus. Once again, the damage can be enough to cause a significant loss of vision. Rubbing the eyes first thing in the morning can be very risky for Your cornea, that can swell from excess fluid as a result of the low oxygen levels overnight.

Other high risk time is when you take out your contact lenses, McMonnies says, as levels of oxygen to your eyes may still be recovered, especially if you wear thick lenses. Like rubbing first thing in the morning, corneal swelling is more prone to damage. There is no reason to menggosokBahkan if we ignore complications are rare, eye rubbing can aggravate already smarting eyes, red and itchy, said McMonnies, makes you want to rub them even more. If you suffer from allergies, rubbing can also transfer an allergen such as pollen from lashes to the surface of the eye. Then, there is the possibility of transferring germs from your hands to your eyes, increases the risk of eye styes and infections. " There is no reason to recommend rubbing at all, "said McMonnies on various daily situations that usually beg to rub. "Rubbing should be avoided at all times." Thus cause damage to the eyes.