How To Cope With Cold Quickly and Safely - How to cope with Cold quickly! You often experience nausea, flatulence, dizziness, head out cold sweat, always feeling cold especially at the ends of the legs and arms? care of it all is an indication that you are experiencing the symptoms in the middle of the wind. Well what exactly is cold it is?

Enter kerenya in the wind called catching cold, is a disease that is caused due to the gathering of a gas that is not evenly distributed in the body of a person. Enter the wind normally experienced person and happened in a pretty cool, like hilly, mountainous, there are many seaside breezes, due to ride planes, boats, buses, motorcycles can also be entered more familiar wind called the hangover of the vehicle.

What Causes Cold?
As well as the causes of heartburn, frequent cold is also an early sign or symptoms of heartburn (read how to cope with Heartburn). The cause of cold is the lack of sleep, stress and busy that cause often delaying the time to eat, change the weather ektrim weather from hot to cold weather, tired, even laughing too much can also cause cold.

Then what is the symptoms of cold?
Well if experience or feel things here in indicate that you are suffering from cold, such as:

1. Nausea and vomiting.
2. Hot and cold.
3. Head feels dizzy.
4. cold Sweats.
5. Abdominal bloating
6. Always feel cold.
7. Easily fatigued.
8. Often sleepy.
9. Frequent hiccups.
10. lost appetite.

Tips on coping with cold.
To prevent the occurrence of cold we recommend that you avoid the things that trigger to be the most important step, avoid the stress and bustle of many time-consuming so it's always too late of schedule meal times, adjust the time as best as possible. Avoid drinking coffee cause coffee to make the stomach feels full and will eliminate appetite appetizing, if most coffee set out suffering from flatulence to be triggered in the wind and heartburn. Often cold usually also experienced low blood for sufferers, although immune differences every sufferer of low blood tend to vary but is typically low blood sufferers vulnerable to weather and cold air.

How to treat a cold.
To treat a cold fact many ways which can be channeled in expelling cold, from antiquity until today there are still many who rely on kerokan, drinking softdrink can also cause belching kerokan way however can cause the skin to be striped even irritation, while drinking a soft drink if weak body durability can be dangerous. Safe step treat cold we recommend using a treatment that completely natural with traditional herbal concoction.

1. A medicinal herb In A Breeze.
-200 grams of red sweet potatoes peeled and cut into pieces
– 15 grams of ginger or ginger red regular
the nutmeg seed grains – 1 bruised
– 5 grains of clove
– 10 grains of cardamom
– 1 cinnamon thumbs
– 10 grains pepper
– Brown sugar to taste
How to prepare: all the ingredients are boiled with water to taste. Wait until the water is warm and drunk and ubinya are eaten. Drinking regularly twice a day.

2. Medicinal Herb Cold B.
– 25 grams of kaempferia galanga
– 15 grams of ginger
– 3 round cardamom
How to prepare: all the ingredients are boiled with 400 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc. Wait until the water is warm and rebusannya drink. Drinking regularly twice a day.

3. Medicinal Herb Enters the wind C.
-80 grams of Aloe Vera leaf
– 15 grams of ginger
– 20 grams of kaempferia galanga
– 25 grams appointment buffoonery
How to prepare: all the ingredients are boiled with water until the remaining 500 cc 250 cc then drunk while warm. Do it regularly twice a day.

4. Medicinal Herb In the wind D.
– 30 g galangal has being
– 20 grams of ginger that has being
-2 stalks serai, 10 grains of clove
– 6 grains of cardamom
– Palm sugar to taste
How to prepare: boil all ingredients in 600 ml of water ingredients consisting of: boil until remaining 300 ml, then strain it. Warm-warm, drink 2 times a day.

5. A medicinal herb In Wind E.
– 25 grams lempu has sliced-iris
– 25gram bangle
– 5 grams of nutmeg that has been finely ground and
-1 teaspoon of ground pepper that has been finely ground
How to prepare: all the ingredients are stewed in water until the remaining 600 cc to 300 cc, drink lukewarm, 2 times a day.

6. A medicinal herb In the wind F.
– 5 chilies Java
– 10 grams of mint leaves
– 10 grams of Kaffir lime rind
– 25 grams temulawak
How to prepare: the ingredients are boiled with 600 ml of water, up to the remaining 300 ml water and then filtered, drink lukewarm, 2 times a day.

7. A medicinal herb In the wind G.
– Leaves Cumin 5 sheets
– Half a glass of hot water
How to prepare: wash clean leaves cumin, then puree. Input (seduh) leaves an already delicate cumin in half a glass of hot water. Strain the herb and drink 2 times a day.

8. A medicinal herb Enters the wind Ah.
Dried eucalyptus Leaves – 6-10 grams
-2 glasses of water
How to prepare: boil Eucalyptus leaves in 2 glasses of water, until the remaining 1 cups. Once cool, strain the water and drink 2 times a day.

In addition to using the above decoction in treating cold you can use bottles containing the concluding of warm water. Do I take a bottle of literan or a bottle of syrup or similar made of glass do not use plastic bottles, fill the bottle with warm water and then paste on the part about the stomach by means of diputar-putar or spit-roll. A cold sufferer will experience the healing usually marked by the appearance of the wind through the anus or farting, wind also released through the mouth with a burp, and sometimes it could be marked with vomiting which is only 1-2 times only and not constantly.