How To Naturally Eliminate Body Odor - Body odor that is experienced by men, women and children is a common problem that often occurs in many people. Though impressed trivial, but in fact these problems can interfere with many people either its owner or any person in the vicinity. Body odor caused by perspiration mixed bacteria because the body is dirty. Basically, the sweat itself does not smell, but a combination of bacteria is what makes sweat smell smelling materials so that asem often occur in the armpits.

To be able to eliminate the odor of the body, generally most people use deodorant. This is because it is more practical and easy to use. But how to remove body odor too can be done by natural way. Natural remedies eliminate body odor could with traditional ingredients or ingredients that are easily found around us. In addition, the use of natural materials to cope with body odor also more safe with no side effects. As has been widely observed by experts, the use of deodorant to overcome body odor just trigger other effects that can be hazardous to health. Content of chemicals in deodorants votes can cause cancer in the body. Fair enough, the workings of the deodorant is also so extreme that by stopping keringan to exit. In fact, sweat out toxins from the body of work issued the rest of metabolism.

Here are a few natural remedies eliminate body odor which can be used for body odor could be lost permanently. The treatment method is divided into two, namely the treatment of the body and from the outside of the body.

Natural remedy to get rid of body odor

Betel leaves
The first way that can be done to eliminate the odor stung on the body that uses the benefits of betel leaf. Simply boil 3-5 leaves the series with 2 glasses of water. Then allow it to boil water and let it stew staying left one glass. Drink the decoction of water after cool down. How this can be done every day on a regular basis so that the results can be immediately felt.

Basil leaves
Generally, basil leaves are often made into vegetables. But it turns out this natural material could also address the problem of the smell at the Agency. Eat enough Basil are routinely at least three times a week. Your meal will be able to feel the changes after four weeks.

Ginger warms the body can drink at the same time address the problem of body odor. Drink ginger could routinely wedang in the morning or evening when the air is cold. With a drink of ginger on a regular basis, then the body odor that is on your body will most likely fade disappear.

Natural remedy body odor Removal from outside

Cucumbers can also be a remedy to address the body odor. This is because the cucumber has anti bacterial content in it. That way, the bacteria that are present in the body may destruction with this cucumber. Here's how, simply rub cucumber on the body that can cause smells like armpits. Do so after bath body odor does not appear.

Lime and whiting
The combination of these two natural ingredients may be a powerful remedy to get rid of body odor. Squeeze of lime juice and take the water, and then combine the whiting. Use on parts of the body that produces a lot of sweat and smell menimbukan.

Natural remedies eliminate body odor is to use ingredients that are easy to come by. You certainly can find it easy to use in coping with body odor. In addition, in order for the body odor doesn't come back again it's good start from now make it a habit to keep maintain the cleanliness of the body, because the body maintain proper hygiene is one of the tips that did the trick for deodorizing the Agency, it is in order for germs and bacteria the cause of body odor not settles for too long dikulit. that's a couple of ways that you can do from within and outside to eliminate body odor which is already intense.