How to overcome obesity naturally can be done in several ways. Obesity is a chronic condition where there is an excessive amount of body fat. A certain amount of body fat is necessary for saving energy, menginsulasi heat, dampen the jolts, and other functions. The normal amount of body fat (expressed as percentage of body fat percentage) is between 25%-30% in women and 18%-23% in men. Women and men who have body fat each of more than 30% and 25% are considered obese.

The calculation of body mass index (IMT) has also been used in the definition of obesity. IMT is equal to the weight in kilograms (kg) divided by height in meters (m) squared. Since the IMT describes body weight relative to height then it is correlated with the total fat content in the body of an adult. Obesity is defined as the IMT 30 upwards.

One of them is by measuring Your waist circumference. By measuring Your waist circumference, you willknow if you include people who need to run on a diet or not. The number of heaps offat on the abdomen and waist shows the condition of your body weight. If Your waistwidth less than 80 cm, weight the mark you're still accounting for normal.

Different if lebr your waist 80 cm or more, we recommend you start now you startdieting. Choose a healthy diet with healthy food and consume the remains of deep,complete and balanced. Don't forget to exercise Your body condition in order to stay fit and healthy.

Find out what causes obesity

How to overcome obesity is naturally more i.e. by finding out what causes obesity that occurs in the body and find out the cause, the least you can do prevention by means of avoiding the causes of obesity itself.

There are several causes of obesity, such as heredity/genesis, certain drugs which can increase hormone estrogen binding fats, age factors, aging, and an unhealthy lifestyle.Factors of unhealthy lifestyles often become a factor in the causes of obesity are mostplentiful in this modern age. Obesity does not occur in adults but kids today who alsohas to follow the lifestyle of today who tend not to nourish.

Call it e.g. reserved food. Many food products are now instant (fast food) and junk food sold out there. Modern society was fond of food-food like this becauseaccording to them this type of food in accordance with the lifestyle of those who livein this modern age, i.e. a practical and fast lifestyle.

With a healthy diet and effective

How to overcome obesity naturally is by running a healthy diet and effective for your body. Effective dieting here means a diet that emphasizes on setting food intake as well as sports activities are conducted on a regular basis, and run a healthy lifestyle.Types of diets such as these belong to the safest diets and resulted in permanentresults.

You want to start this diet, the bottom line is you have to reduce the consumption ofsugar, oil, butter, cheese, and egg yolks. And you must also avoid smoking, alcoholic drinks, soda and salt. Some of this food and minumn in addition to contain lots of calories, the ingredients are also very mudaah absorb the fat. If body fat continues topile up, as a result of weight gain and body will look big and fat.

But you need to know that this diet is not the kind of instant diet takes quite a long time to get results as you want. However, this diet is highly recommended for you who want to lose weight the safe and healthy way. How, more like to select which instantdiet, but not healthy or how to overcome obesity naturally?