How To Remove Grey Hair Naturally - White hair aka grey hair usually synonymous with grandfather and grandmother's hair. But gray hair is not always related to age, because often the young people are also graying. What causes grey hair at a young age?

Have you ever met someone who was still quite young, which is about 20, but his hair has grown gray hair here and there. It could be, you also experience the same thing. When your age still 30s, still belongs to the relatively young for a grizzled right? Medically, grey hair actually does not interfere with the health of the body. However, it would be ' a little ' interfere with the appearance.
Curious why gray hair can appear at a young age? Following her medical explanation!

Although certain genes that carry the trait of premature grey hair has not been found, but the genetic reason is very common and happens from generation to generation.
Grey hair which appeared in the age of easy more because of genetic factors or breeds. Gray hair occurs due to pigment the hair is no longer there. In fact, this is the pigment that determines color of hair. Asians, have hair pigment called eomelanin. Because of the pigment of black or dark-colored eomelanin, eating not only the skin, but also join the dark hair. In addition there are some people that her body could not indeed produces pigment. For example in the case of albinism (albio) and vitiligo. So her hair could not black.

Nutritional deficiencies can also cause decreased levels of the pigment. So the hair would be more blonde and white, then gray. In addition, a person who suffers from the disease Immunology pernicious anemia, the blood type of deficiency can also cause gray hair. Vitamin B12 is responsible for generating the number of healthy red blood cells in the bone marrow. Pernicious anemia is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss, jaundice and headaches. Stress is also considered as the cause of premature white hair. Stress, a lot of the burden of thought and anxiety can also cause premature aging. In addition, vitiligo is an autoimmune system conditions that destroy the melanocytes, the cells that produce the pigment responsible for the colour of the hair.
According to a 1996 study published in the British Medical Journal, people who smoke are four times more likely to experience premature grey hair than non-smokers.

In some cases, the use of the drug could be a cause for premature grey hair. The exact cause behind this phenomenon remains unknown, but the relationship is seen between the premature grey hair and certain drugs, such as lithium. The last is the use of chemical substances, such as hair dye or use varieties of shampoo that contains a lot of sulfur on high.

Grey hair is painful for some people, especially young women who already had graying. Gray hair grow karenadua factor that is a factor which can be obati and which could not be treated, as we explain in the "causes of the emergence of white hair". For those of you who already have an overwhelming coconut in ubdan sure you want to remove grey hair safely and naturally. How would we describe here is the natural way in removing gray hair, not eliminate gray hair with hair dye, because it's not healthy.

To get rid of grey hair naturally, there are some traditional ways that you can be reached, from using coconut oil, until the use of nutmeg. Let's see more.
How to remove grey hair naturally

1. Use Yogurt bitter
You can use yogurt as a natural ingredient in bitter eliminate gray hair, the way is by mixing 100 grams of yogurt with 1 gram of bitter black pepper or ground coffee. Combine these natural substances and over kerambut and scalp. Then let sit for 1 hour, and clean with shampoo. For getting the most simple way to do this every week.

2. using coconut oil
Eliminate grey hair with hair oil can do denganmencapurkan coconut oil in water, juice of lime, mixed materials after both averaged over kerambut and then the scalp.

3. Wipe the nail into the hair
Other ways include strange hair in removing is to use nails, i.e. wipe the nail kerambut. You may not believe this, but the way the indian and Ayurvedic experts have long used this method. The way is by folding the fingers into the nail so it lined up and sweep into the hair repeatedly. How this can be useful because the hair root hair due to friction become a probe and launch of blood to nourish the hair so hair. But according to information, this nail method takes a long time of half a year.

4. using tea leaves
Another method is to use the tea leaves. Tea leaves could be used to get rid of grey hair, the way is tea filter and take ampasnya, combine with 1 tbsp salt, and oleskanpada the scalp and let sit for 1 hour. Do every day for 10 days, inshallah you will be free from head of white hair.

5. Consume foods with protein content
The hair is part of the body that is composed of mostly protein, a protein deficiency that can damage the hair, including could appear the problem of white hair. So one way to eliminate grey hair is to consume foods with protein content. Operating instructions shall contain food protein is wheat, beans, meat, fish and chicken.

6. Consume foods bertembaga
Foods containing copper are healthy foods for hair. For those of you that are gray, you can handle it with a copper-containing foods reproduce, including crabs, clams, whole mahatari. Copper can trigger melanin production is needed, if less tembaganya hair then melanin also will be less and finally appeared on grey hair.

7. using the nuts
Other ways to eliminate gray hair naturally is to use Pecan. How to make Pecan oil is with mengsangrai Pecans, then menumbuknya up to release the oil, take the Pecan and sweep the hair evenly is mainly on the roots of the hair.